Trekking Groups On Crete

Crete offers great possibilities for trekking.

Crete’s largest mountain range

K-Travel offers different variations, depending on the requested profile.

Especially in and around the 'Lefka Ori' (White Mountains), Crete’s largest mountain range with more than 25 summits over 6000 ft, and also along the south coast, opportunities for spectacular hikes and trekking are plenty.

We transport the main luggage

Our trekking groups hike from village to village, carrying only day packs. We transport the main luggage separately. fantastic gorges, spectacular coastal sceneries, summits and plateaus along our demanding trekking routes. Within limits the daily routes can be made very ambitious, from 5 to 12 hrs of hiking.

Almost every second day is a resting day
During the trek, the groups overnight in wonderful little villages along the coast, which they reach by foot. Normally the groups spend two nights in each village. Almost every second day is a resting day which are spent in picturesque villages beautifully located, with swimming, relaxing and good food! This rhythm can be adjusted as required.

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Apokoronas area in Crete, the ultimate road biking experience.

West Crete

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