07:40  from Taverna Blumosifis in Vamos

08:00  from Dimitra Hotel in Almyrida

08:10  from bus stop in Kalives

Start walk:

09:30  from Xyloskalo

Departure boat:

17:30  from the coastal village of Agia Roumeli

Arrival boat:   

18:40  to Chora Sfakion

Coach Departure:

18:45  from Chora Sfakion

Coach arrival:

20:00  to Vamos

20:10  to Kalives

20:15  to Almyrida   


Transfer coach:

€30  (Children until 12 yrs 50%) 

Entrance fee:

€5    (Children until 15 years free)

Boat ticket:  

€10  (Children until 12 years 50%)


Samaria gorge is one of the main sights of Crete!

It is the longest gorge in Europe, with a length of 13 kilometres from entrance to exit. The Samaria National Park is exceptionally rich in plant and animal life. In the gorge you will find unique species protected under international law. Spectacular views, steep cliffs to both sides, a great experience.

You must wear proper, solid footwear!

Please note that the footing in the path in the gorge is at times rough and uneven. You must wear proper, solid footwear! Although there is a lot of shade in the gorge, it is essential to take sufficient sun protection. There is plenty of fresh drinking water in Samaria Gorge. Every few kilometres you can fill up your bottle again, so there is no need to carry lots of water with you.

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Samaria Gorge On Crete (late departure)

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