K-Travel offers bicycle programs for all levels, except for beginners who can only do flats. Since the island is hilly near the coast and has alpine mountains further inland, it is not possible to find enough flats for the absolute easy level.

We offer programs where the groups are based in one village and undertake beautiful bike tours on quiet, tarmac roads.

For example, a group can stay 1 week in the north and another week in the south, exploring the areas by bike on daily tours from 35 to 60 km.

K-Travel also offers trekking tours by bicycle. Groups stay in various pensions and small hotels whilst covering the distances in between during the day on a bike. We even have a beautiful but demanding biking program right through the "White Mountains" which suits advanced levels of biking.

All bicycle tours can be made as strenuous as your clients require, even professional teams can be trained easily on the isle of Crete!

Discover Crete On A Bicycle

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Apokoronas area in Crete, the ultimate road biking experience.

West Crete

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