Plaka is built on the slope of a hill and was nearly destroyed by a tornado in 1960.

The novel “Winds of Crete”

The effects of this catastrophe and the conditions of the Cretan way of living nearly passed by were described from David McNeil Doren in his well known novel "Winds of Crete".

The 250 inhabitants nowadays work mostly with farming, cattle-breeding, fishing and, of course, tourism. The upper part of the community with narrow lanes, old houses with an interesting architectural style and the village square with easy-going kafenia or the tavernas invite the visitors to rest for a while. Plaka overlooks the Souda Bay, the sunsets will leave you breathless.

Plaka has natural sea-caves (nerospilia)

Inside the relatively unexplored "Cave of the Elephant" with are imposing white and red stalactites, and a fossil of an “Elephant Chaniensis" had been found which give the cave it`s name.

Besides that there are fossils of Muntiacus muntjak in this cave, living here thousands of years ago.

(It can be reached with a boat from Almyrida.) Every July, a big Cretan festival (panigiri) is held which is called "Plakiana" in honour of the famous lyra player Mihali Papadaki.

Plaka on West Crete

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